2006: FR049: Of Spirits Taken (Farbrausch & Vacuum)
2005: FR038: Theta (Farbrausch)
2004: Synthematik (Outracks)
2003: FR025: The Popular Demo (Farbrausch)
1997: Second Reality (Smash Designs, C64)
1996: Contrast (Oxygene), Explicit (Hornet and OTM), Machines of Madness (Dubius), Magic View (Dubius), Rotaliator (Dubius), Toasted (Cubic Team & $eeN)
1995: Eden (Psychic Monks), Fluid Motion (Valhalla), Stars (NoooN), State of Hate (Dubius), Textro (OTM), The Night Life (The Apollo Project)
1994: Religion (Xtacy), Textmode strikes .bak (Shape!)
1993: Crystal Dream II (Triton), Panic (Future Crew), Second Reality (Future Crew)
1992: Copper (Surprise! Productions) Crystal Dream (Triton), Unreal (Future Crew)
1991: VectDemo (UltraForce Development)

2005: Che Guevara (Fairlight)
2004: Beyond (Conspiracy), Kings Of The Playground (Equinox), Paradise (RGBA), Point Blank (Stockholm Syndrome), Saturday Night Scener (Conspiracy), The Prophecy - Project Nemesis (Conspiracy)
2003: Project Genesis (Conspiracy), Zoom3 (AND and Cybermag)
2002: FR019: Poem To A Horse (Farbrausch), FR029: Dopplerdefekt (Farbrausch), Squish (AND)
2001: FR013: Flybye (Farbrausch)
2000: FR08: The Product (Farbrausch)
1996: Paper (Statix and Vic)
1995: Believe (Valhalla), Lasse Reinbøng (Cubic Team & $eeN), Magic Carpet (Keen Like Frogs), Stickman's World (COMA)
1994: Cyboman 2 (Complex)

2005: Anorgatronikum (Calodox), Panoptriptikum (Calodox)
2004: Ex Fabric (Farbrausch), FR040 (Farbrausch), Micropolis (TBC and Mainloop)
2003: Crystal Vision (Conspiracy)
1997: Omniscient (Sanction)
1995: Animate (Schwartz), Fli (Real Time), Havoc (Extreme), Heaven (NoooN), Phase 2 (Nostalgia), Smooth Motion (PULP), Speed (Paranoids), Strictly 4kb (TET)

256 bytes (!)
2004: Boosty (Tube27), City (MZ1453), Gandhi (Molecoola), Moebius (ByTeGeiZ), Tube (3SC), Ultra (Tube27), Wolf (Tube27)
2003: Blip (wAMMA)

64 bytes (!!)
2004: Yeah (ByTeGeiZ)
2001: FR017: Area 51 (Farbrausch)

34 bytes (!!!)
2002: FR026: 34b Mul & Cycle (Farbrausch)

and then the 3D-accelerator took over and everything looks the same...
Demos used to be getting more out of the hardware, doing stuff that we never thought possible.
Now they seem to be about looking pretty and the limits aren't being pushed anymore... well, except maybe by Farbrausch

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